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Editorial: Critical Issues in Transitional Justice – A Sisyphean Exercise

Authors: J. Sarkin, E. Zinsstag, S. Parmentier

Examining the Criticisms Levelled against Transitional Justice: Towards an Understanding of the State of the Field

Authors: J. Sarkin, T. Davi

Abstract: Transitional justice (TJ) is a relatively new field of study. Since at least the late 1980s and early 1990s it has established itself both academically and as an area of practice. It is, however, much older in origin, as is explored in the article....

After Things Fall Apart: Challenges for Transitional Justice Futures

Authors: F. Ní Aoláin

Abstract: This article addresses the expansions, constrictions and pressures being faced by the transitional justice field. I affirm the important hybridity and interdisciplinary dimensions of transitional justice, but also underscore the extent to which the...

Failing Victims? The Limits of Transitional Justice in Addressing the Needs of Victims of Violations

Authors: S. Robins

Abstract: Transitional justice represents itself as both a discourse and practice that exists primarily to support victims of human rights violations and gains its moral legitimacy from the fact that victims are deserving and the claim that transitional just...

Reparations in Transitional Justice: Justice or Political Compromise?

Authors: L. Moffett

Abstract: Reparations are often held up in transitional justice as a ‘victim-centred’ means of dealing with the past. Yet transitional justice has oft en been criticised for sidelining victims in peace negotiations or for other actors appropriating their voi...

Rethinking Post-Truth Commissions: Empowering Local Capacities to Shape the Post-Truth Commission Discourse

Authors: M. Aciru

Abstract: Truth commissions have become an important component of transitional justice. This follows the experiences of the 1980s and 1990s when they were used to address legacies of violence after transitions from authoritarianism and armed conflict. To dat...

The Socialisation of Transitional Justice: Expanding Justice Theories within the Field

Authors: B. Mcgonigle Leyh

Abstract: This article examines five conceptions of justice that have greatly influenced or shaped transitional justice processes by touching on their appeal as well as the major criticisms they face. It emphasises how the early conceptions of justice predom...

Localised Justice and Structural Transformation: How New Approaches to Transitional Justice Pull in Different Directions

Authors: P. Mcauliffe

Abstract: In the last decade, a sharply critical turn in transitional justice (TJ) has rejected its traditional legalist preoccupations with liberal normative goods such as civil and political rights, the rule of law and democratisation to advocate a more tr...

The Enduring Colonial Legacies of Land Dispossessions and the Evolving Property Rights Legal Discourses: Whither Transitional Justice?

Authors: P. Kaapama

Abstract: The previously formally colonised communities and people in different corners of the world continue to grapple with the far-reaching effects and deep historical scars inflicted at the height of the era of Western colonial expansion. Through the len...