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Results ( 4 ) : 2017 - 2.

Enforcing Human Rights through Constitutional Law in Investor-State Arbitration: An Alternative Approach to Pacific Rim v El Salvador

Authors: A.J. Golia

Abstract: Having analysed the factual background and procedural development of the ICSID case Pacific Rim v. El Salvador, this article suggests an argumentative approach that is alternative to the one adopted by the arbitrators in the final award and based o...

Mission Impossible? Revitalising the Role of UNESCO as a Human Rights Organisation

Authors: F. Seatzu, A. Lai

Abstract: Although most frequently linked to rights related to education, UNESCO is centrally concerned with broader issues of human rights. This is confirmed by the UNESCO Charter, as well as by several of its working documents and in particular Document 32...

Differentiated Responsibilities under International Law and the Right to Development Paradigm for Developing Countries

Authors: C.C. Ngang

Abstract: In this article I make the argument for recognising the right to development as a differentiated paradigm and a means of redressing the structural global imbalances that generate and sustain poverty and underdevelopment in developing countries. The...